We at Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association are proud to present our website. We are pleased to offer our members Orthopaedic Doctors the exciting features like Online Membership, Election Forms, Members Web Page and many more.

To implement these features, we look forward for our members enthusiastic support and suggestions on how we can better this effort. Your suggestions form a valuable part in this process. Some of these features are under development and would be available soon.
Our vision is to provide authentic medium to communicate within our fraternity and keep them informed about the latest on Orthoworld and happenings at Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association. We hope that this step taken by us will attain new milestones of success.

Updated Secretary’s Report 2013 – 14

MOA Election 2014 Update

FAQs : What if I do not receive an activation email ?

A. This may happen if your email is not registered with us, or a wrong email is registered to us. In this case please write to us at email  stating the query. Please send following details with this mail [exactly in the format given below]

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Once you send us the detail in the above format we shall correct your information in the database and you shall receive the activation email shortly. Please allow atleast 48 hours for activation of the account

           :I have received my ID –PW but cannot login?

A. This is a possibility if there is too much traffic on the server. Please wait for an hour and try again. If you still cannot get through, please write to us at below mentioned email. Again copy paste of the password and ID should be done very carefully. Since the system is very sensitive, it considers even blank places as characters. So if  while copy-pasting a blank space before or after the password or ID is selected it gives error. Please take care while copy pasting the password and ID and if possible do hand type the ID and PW .

If you still cannot login please send us the mail with your ID and PW to

                                               ….. Read More Election related Information


Special Announcement: Televised Delivery of Core Orthopaedic Education – IOA

 New Voters List : Please Read and Update your details 

MOACON 2014 Final Brochure with Program: Click Here



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